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Desire & a Knife 2014 [No Subs]


Desire & a Knife 2014

Release Date: 2014
Genre: Drama | Erotic | 18++
Stars: none
Desire & a Knife 2014 about When do I have to clean up …? Desperate struggle to become an actress! ‘Operates a cleaning companies and dreamed of going Actress Tomomi. She hardly be an opportunity to find an actor that does not feel the meetings budithimyeo repeatedly, but could not get past the cold reality. Then she stretched out a hand to come secretly to the top actors Geta. But as Geta was the murderer is killed naeyeonnyeo Lena, and also capped the upside to learn to murder his wife Marie. And to promote Geta alone the fate of the rest of the mansion is the US?

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